My romance with my hypopituitary tumor and my obsession with fake doctor’s notes

That awkward moment when you are in front of your insanely good looking GP, you are so blushed and he is acting very professional but is aware of your shame. If you are smiling is because you have been there also, well this is my fairy tale story without a happy ever after end.

The chemistry between two persons is driven by pheromones, but your hormones have a huge part in how you behave when you are close to the person you like. As it so happens I had a crush on my GP, I went on the first day because I was experiencing mood changes very often, and my period was very irregular. When I arrived at the GP I was speechless, he was indeed the most handsome man I have seen in my life.

But as soon as I saw him a very strange feeling of almost obsession made me even forget the reason why I was sitting in front of him. I couldn’t tell him I was having mood issues, he was going to think I was a freak, so I said I was having repetitive headaches every night. One week later I asked for another appointment and I knew the only way to see him soon after that was if he gave me a medical excuse for work and so he will have to check on me again 4 days later, so I did, I add up to the headaches the fact that I passed out the day before while doing my groceries.

He gave me a medical note to take two days off work and arranged an appointment in 4 days again. Four days later I kept adding things up to my headache episodes and he kept giving me notes, I wasn´t even handing the notes at work, I didn’t want to miss work, I was only using those notes to be able to see him again.

After three months of turning up for more control appointments, he decides to order an MRI, three days later the nurse calls, I had a brain surgery arranged for next week, the reason why I was obsessed both with the GP and with getting doctors notes to see him was because I had a tumor in my pituitary which was causing the changes in mood as well as an increase in my desire to love someone.

After the surgery, I went to the last control appointment and as soon as I saw the GP I realize the tumor not only caused changes in my mood but made me go blind for a couple of months. This was horrible and I had to d/l fake doctors note aside from what my physician gave me because of the symptoms not included in his notes.

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Join us to Protest

fistThis Sunday it will be years since the United States ILLEGALLY and IMMORALLY invaded Iraq, using September 11th as justification.

Since then we have lost over 3,218 US soldiers, over 23,785 have been maimed and injured, anywhere from 100,000-655,000 Iraqi civilians have been killed, over 2 MILLION Iraqis fortunate enough to get out alive are now refugees, and over $408 BILLION has been spent.


Join us for a day of protest, music, speakers, and unity. A day to refuel, remember what we’re up against, and what wonderful people we have in the trenches with us. It’s all ages and a meager $2 will get you in.

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Using Doctors Excuse Notes After Sept 11th

Good enough, clients have a wide range of doctor note templates to select from and among the methods to increase the possibility having your best doctors excuse being approved is via improving its authenticity. But how do you ensure that you attain this? If this is your main problem you need to know that increasing the note’s authenticity does not require much. Some of the tips to help you increase the authenticity of a fake doctor note for work to make it appear real are briefly described below.

doctorsnotes that works

great physician’s excuse

All the information you give out should be exact and accurate. The areas where the contact information is offered entail the doctor’s name, home address and mobile phone numbers. These credentials need to be exact, verifiable as well as accurate.

Information concerning the sickness needs to be specific at all times. In the prescription portal of the physician’s fake doctors excuses, the sickness affecting the individual must be stated clearly. Additionally, all the days the person needs to be off duty or school must also be stated.

The hospital free doctors note must as well appear professional. Because you need to download and then print out doctors excuse from the internet, make sure that you avoid the use of notes that do not seem to appear professional. Notes or templates of low quality must be avoided at all costs.

You can find almost authentic notes at I have personally used one for myself. It really works.

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Columbus Fake Doctor Notes Posing a Healthy risk

With white color jobs not forth coming nowadays many people have taken so many ways whitecollarjobinto ensuring that they get what they want, as much as I am in support aggressiveness, I pause when it come into pure credibility. For how long are you able to lie and what would be the possible repercussions if your lie was to come into the limelight?

Getting a job nowadays requires a clean medical record and so are many insurance companies, for example there are countries where you cannot be given a medical cover if you have a chronic illness. So get that job you have to make sure that you are full of health, this is where the free doctors note documents comes in, a credential to stand as your proof of a healthy being.

The worst of it all is that print doctors note template are available for free on the internet and are printable and all you have to do is fill them and submit them to your prospective employer. The question here is you’ve finally got the work that you so desired for how long would this lie remain valid?

Believers say that the truth will finally abide, thus you could lose your job just at the most you were reaching your comfort zone landing down to the gutters of misery again and with a thud.

If you don’t have problems getting an excuse from the good doctor, then you are fortunate. Many people wanted to put their hands on these documents and use it for their own sake. So next time you have access to such notes, don’t miss that opportunity!

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How a Doctors Excuse Can Get You Out of Work

We’ve all been there. We’ve all wanted to miss a day of work when there is no emergency going on, but we don’t want to have to worry about getting caught by our suspicious bosses. Believe it or not, there are services out there that can provide you the assistance you need so you can get out of work without raising your boss’s eyebrows.

Check out these doctor’s notes at before continuing on this blog.

It’s called a doctors excuse, and yes, they do exist. You can create your own free note that looks like it’s straight from a doctor as a template printed from your own computer. These notes and excuses are great to have on hand for those days where unexpected family members are in town or you simply just feel like taking a day off without getting in trouble. With a doctors excuse your employer has no choice but to give you the day or days off you want without repercussion.

The key in using these doctor note templates is to not overdo it. If you are constantly submitting a slip doctors note to your boss, they are going to wonder what is wrong with you, and may eventually catch on to you. However, if you keep these notes on hand to use every now and then, you should be able to have a guilt-free day off whenever you really feel like you need one.

Sometimes you just need to take a break- we all do. Using a dr excuse note template you can have the time off that you need without having to worry about a thing. You can search for the right doctors note template online to fit your situation, whether you just need a single day off or have to take off many days at a time. There’s a template for every type of excuse you need so you don’t have to feel so tied to your job.

People sick into work all the time. With your own Dr note to get you out of work safe and sound, you look more responsible and genuinely ill rather than just a person slouching off from work. When you need a day off, these notes are free, easy, and convenient to get you the days off you really want without having to worry about your boss. You might also want to check out this:

Or perhaps you simply need a note that works.

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